Sintex Tanks

Sintex Water Tanks

To provide a complete water storage solutions Sintex have come up with products which suites the needs and requirements. Over and Above Sintex PE water tanks, there are two distinct products for overhead, surface and underground water storage solutions


Sintex water tanks dot the skylines of most cities and towns. They are strong, durable, hygienic and maintenance-free but it is their innovative design and usage of virgin raw material that makes them the leader in the country. Even the underground water storage tanks are an effective solution to safe and hygienic storage.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater, if properly collected and used can prove to be a great boon, especially in areas where there is an acute shortage. Sintex’s rain water harvesting system enables you to not only to collect water but also to use it judiciously. With UV filters on the collection and supply end, you can be sure of pure distilled water.

Drinking Water Facility

A small and simple device that can serve millions. Sintex’s Drinking water facility integrates components like storage tanks, taps, purifiers, hand pumps and pipelines for interconnections making it a complete drinking water device.

Water Tanks

The wide range of Sintex water tankers allow more quantum of pure, safe and hygienic drinking water to be transported to urban, rural, hilly, tribal and all kinds of remote areas.